Adam’s real strength is his ability to build and lead our in-house team of real estate experts. The ultimate teammate himself, Adam believes in bringing the absolute best and brightest people we can possibly find onto our team, even if we don’t necessarily have a position for them at the moment. He truly believes if you bring in truly great people, you must find a place for them in your business!

Through his real estate education business, Real Estate Proven Profits, Adam has also been invited to speak nationally along with his mentor Than Merill and the Fortune Builders Team at real estate investing events all over the country from San Diego to Boston to right here in Jacksonville.


2 Day Ultimate Jacksonville Wealth Building Tour
Date(s): Feb 11th and 12th, 2011
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
Speaker(s): Adam Rigel, Alex Sifakis, and Gregg Cohen

4 Day Intensive Rehab Bootcamp
Speaker(s): Paul Esajian, JD Esajian, and Alex Sifakis

4 Day Short Sale Bootcamp
Speaker(s): Than Merrill

Fortune Builders Mastery Coaching Program
Date(s): 6 Month Program
Location: National
Speaker(s): Than Merrill...
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